Why the need to book in for rides?

We insist that if you are coming on a ride, then you must let the ride leader know beforehand, and you may be wondering why we say this. Here are a few reasons….

  • If the ride is changed in any way we will attempt to contact you and let you know. For example a change of start time, location, or cancellation.
  • If it’s the first ride you’ve done with the club, the ride leader may well double-check that both yourself and your bike are suited to the ride. It helps if you let the ride leader know that you are new to the club.
  • Most of our rides include a coffee stop, and occasionally lunch too. If we know how many people are coming then we can choose somewhere suitable and make sure the location can cater for the number of people.
  • For insurance reasons, the club is not permitted to have more than 5 non-members on any ride.

Preexisting medical conditions

Cycling is a strenuous activity. Please can individuals with preexisting medical conditions let the ride leader know prior to the ride about any conditions which may affect their ability to ride