What clothes should I to wear

We always advise that you are visible to other road users, and that clothing is safe. For example don’t wear trousers that might get caught in your bike chain, or wear unsuitable footwear which might slip on your pedals! Beyond that, there are no specific requirements.
Lycra is not essential ! , but more riders wear padded shorts for comfort rather than fashion! For short rides in good weather pretty much anything will do, however most club members will almost certainly be wearing at least one item of cycling-specific clothing because it has benefits over everyday clothing . Cycle clothing generally gives good freedom of movement, it ‘breathes’ easily so you don’t get sweaty when riding (also important in cold weather as damp clothes will make you cold very quickly!), copes much better with hot, cold, wet or windy conditions, and is often more comfortable especially if cycling long distances. It’s often lightweight and compact too, for example a waterproof cycling jacket will fold up small and can be carried on the bike just in case the weather turns