How to add a ride to the club’s calendar

This page is intended for ride leaders
To add a ride, you’ll need the following information to hand :

  • Give your ride a short Title (e.g. Lunch in Tunbridge Wells)
  • Start date & time. The time is when the ride actually starts. If you wish to meet up earlier for a pre-ride coffee then add this in the description
  • Start point of ride. There’s already a list of popular start points which you could use, but if you’d rather use somewhere that’s not on the list then simply describe the location within the ride description (e.g. “Outside Polegate station”). You can ask Dale to add your location to the existing list, and he’ll put a map on too.
  • A description of the ride. As a minimum this should include the length of the ride, a brief description of the route (e.g. From Battle to Brightling then Dallington and Ashburnham), and whether there are food and/or drink stops, whether the rider needs to bring food (other than snacks and a drink, which are assumed), whether there is any available en route, etc. Your backmarker (often chosen on the day) should always be shown the route in detail.
  • You can add as much additional information as you like within the description, if you think it might help riders. For example points of interest, the amount of climbing, whether there’s a good ice cream shop en route, the types of roads you’ll be on. Some areas might be particularly windy or exposed (Romney Marsh?) and you may wish to remind people of that. For off-road rides it’s wise to provide additional text about the expected terrain/surfaces, whether a certain level of fitness is required, etc. (they are more difficult to ‘grade’ than road rides)
  • At the end of the description, please put your name, and how people should contact you to book in to the ride. Normally this will be your mobile phone number, you can say whether you prefer texts only, or texts/calls.
  • Distance indicator (Short/Medium/Long). See guidance
  • The Level of ride (1/2/3/4). See guidance
  • What type of bike(s) are suited to the ride (Road/Hybrid/MTB). See guidance

If you’ve not led a ride before, it’s suggested that for the first time you jointly lead a ride alongside someone else. Some of the club’s ride leaders have attended ride-leading courses, some are merely experienced, but all will be willing to help you. There are some additional notes for ride leaders here

When planning a ride it’s a good idea to check the ride calendar to see what other rides are being planned; If your ride is similar to one that’s already on that weekend then uptake might be poor, but if your ride is different (off-road, longer, shorter, different grade, different area, etc) then that’s great as it adds variety and more choices for riders.

To add a ride, click here
To edit or delete a ride, click here

Contact if you’ve not been given a login and password yet.

This is what the form looks like. Here’s a few hints for filling it in…

  • When entering the date, click twice on the same day (assuming your ride starts and finishes on the same day!)
  • If you’re not sure of the finish time then leave that box blank.
  • For most rides, choose “Physical Location” as the Location type, then choose the actual location. If your ride starts from somewhere that’s not on the list then don’t choose a location here, but describe it in the description.
  • Take care when choosing the ‘categories’ (the ride Length, Level and Bike type(s))
  • You don’t have to choose an ‘event image’. We’re not even sure what the image actually does!