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April 1066 Cycle Challenge

Thu 1st April - Fri 30th April

After the 2020 April challenge of cycling everyday for the 30 days of April, I feel another one coming on!

Based on the Cancer Research UK challenge of cycling 300 miles in a month, I propose that we set our own individual goal of 100/200/300 miles in the 30 days of April.
This can be undertaken in any way that suits you, indoors /outdoors / spin class / 10 miles a day or all at once!

Emma has made some fantastic charts for you to record your progress if you wish, there’s a choice of two (click either photo to view a larger version, which you can then download. There’s also PDF versions here and here if you’re struggling to print the JPEGs)


Our club challenge is ‘based’ on the Cancer Research UK challenge. As you are sure to be aware, there are many familiar organisations associated with Cancer, St. Michaels Hospice, Sara Lee Trust and Macmillian to name but a few. They all do an amazing job, and fully deserve the funding they receive. However there is a ‘local gem of a place’, that never seems to receive the recognition it deserves.

The Judy Beard Unit at the Conquest Hospital.

The Judy Beard Unit is the specialist chemotherapy treatment unit where I am receiving treatment. The staff are a wonderful, cheerful, slightly crazy bunch, who create an environment that is relaxed and reassuring. To do this they need ’stuff’ – relaxing chairs, heated pads, comfy cushions, fans for hot weather, or in fact anything which generally helps patients take their mind off the treatment.

I would be very grateful if you would take on my challenge, either by seeking sponsorship, giving a donation or doing it purely for pleasure and fitness. Just Knowing you are out there ‘cycling’ with me is the encouragement I need

All monies raised will be placed in the club account and a cheque given directly to The Judy Beard Unit.
Details of how to make a donation can be found here

Many thanks,


Thu 1st April
Fri 30th April