Covid ride guidance May2021

COVID Ride Guidance 3 rd May 2021

The Government Roadmap sets out the timetable for the easing of restrictions that it is hoped England and the rest of UK will follow. Organised sport and activity, including group cycle rides, are governed by Sport England and Cycling UK. From 29 March onwards group rides of more than six have been allowed under the organised sport and activity exemption, which allows up to 15 participants. Cycling UK’s general advice to clubs pre-Covid was to restrict group rides to a maximum of 12-15 people, however currently they are advising that this should be treated as an absolute maximum, not a target number.

1066 Cycle Club resumed rides from 29 th March. In view of the rule of 6 regarding social mixing and since coffee/lunch stops are an important element in our rides, we have chosen to limit rides to a maximum of 6. Ride leaders have generally found this to be an easily manageable number on the roads/paths and by putting on multiple rides we have catered for most people wanting to cycle with us. It is anticipated that at least for the foreseeable future, whilst constraints on social mixing are in place, many ride leaders will continue to limit their rides to a maximum of 6. The Club fully endorses this approach.

Some 1066 Cycle Club ride leaders may want to put on larger rides. This is permitted, although 1066 Cycle Club would want to limit all rides to a maximum of 12. Where numbers exceed 6 riders it will be particularly important for ride leaders to be rigorous in following the ride leader guidance and risk assessment procedures. Coffee and refreshment stops will have to be carefully managed with the group split into non-mixing sub-groups of up to 6 persons. When social mixing indoors is permitted, this may mean appointing a deputy ride-leader who will be responsible for one of the sub-groups, including making a separate booking at the refreshment stop.

This guidance note will be revised in July 2021.