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Questions about an advertised Ride

If you have questions about a particular ride, please contact the ride leader of that ride you are interested in (note that different rides have different ride leaders).  First click on the ride you are interested in; the name of the ride leader and a contact number should appear near the bottom of the screen

Questions for a committee member

Here are a few positions within the club’s committee. If you have a question and you think that someone below might be able to help with, you can email them directly.
Just type the text in blue followed by

  • Chairman –  For queries on cycling infrastructure and cycling organisations
  • General.Secretary – For queries relating to CyclingUK, or Insurance
  • Minutes.Secretary – If there’s something you’d like adding to the Agenda of our next club meeting.
  • Ride.Coordinator – Do you have a ride which you’d like to do?  We can help!  Maybe you are the organiser of a ride within “1066 Country” area which you think we should know about.
  • Membership.Secretary – Queries regarding membership, e.g. Have I renewed this year? Has any of my membership information or ICE details changed?
    Note: Under no circumstance will the club disclose personal information belonging to any of our club members (phone numbers, email addresses, etc).  We can however pass your details on to a  specified club member, and they will contact you if they wish to, and if there is a genuine reason to do so.
  • Treasurer – For queries on invoicing, payments, etc.
  • eBike.Specialist – Our resident expert on electric bikes can help you out with eBike queries

General enquiries

Use this form if you’re not sure who to send your question to, or if your question isn’t on our FAQ page. We’ll make sure it gets through to the right person 🙂

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