Chairman’s Challenge 2022

Chairman’s Challenge April 2022
Welcome to our April Challenge for 2022

The daffodils are awake, your bike wheels are twitching and 1066 Cycle Club is calling all members to
join forces in this year’s April Chairman’s Challenge. Sign up now to help us complete our very own
Virtual Tour of Britain, based on the routes from the 2021 Tour. There are 8 stages and the total
mileage is 814.6.
Members will be divided into teams. The aim is for each team to complete all 8 stages during the
month of April. Each team can organise its own ride, join Club rides, as well as simply collating
individual team member mileages. Every mile counts and every contribution counts. Unlike the
official Tour it is not a race, well, more of a ‘Whacky Race’, but no skulduggery! We are trusting
teams to be honest with their stats.
Names will be put into 3 helmets, ride leaders, regular riders and occasional riders to ensure teams
are evenly balanced. Each team will have a team leader for reporting the stats each week.
There will be team prizes awarded, for example, the team that completes all 8 stages in the allotted
time with the most number of coffee stops!

So join the challenge now by texting your name to:
Dawn on 07870602277 by Saturday 26th March

An additional note added by Emma on 22/03/2022…

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for an amazing 🤩 response so far to our Tour of Britain Challenge
If you haven’t already signed up there’s still time, make sure your names are sent to Dawn by Sat 26th Mar 11am 😃
We will be doing the Draw for the Teams at the Netherfield Coffee Meet this Sat (26th). Hope you can join us there – if you are unable to make it we will let you know which Team you are in once the Draw has been made.

Further note added by Heather on 29/03/2022…

Chairman’s April Challenge 
There are 3 teams of 8 members, trying to cycle as many miles as possible during the month of April, to replicate the Tour of Britain. This can be done ‘as a team’, with ‘some of your team’ or as an individual within the team.  The names with an arrow against them are the ‘team leaders’.  All personal miles recorded during the week is to be sent to your team leader, who will then message Emma with the teams total for that week.  There will be a ‘running total’ published, highlighting which team is leading at that time .
So ‘talk ‘ to your team, get out on your bike and clock up those miles! Even a trip to the shops all counts! 
Have fun, stay safe Heather