Optional ride before the one(s) below

A steady ride from Battle to Hastings to meet with either the Level-1 ride shown here, or the Level-2 ride shown here
Take a flask coffee for short on-road stop.  Bring snacks for a picnic lunch on beach


“Dust off your bike” ride

If you a fair weather cyclist or you are getting back to cycling after a break, today’s the day for you. Experienced cyclists are, of course, welcome for this short coffee ride.

Note new date. Was originally planned for Saturday, but moved to Sunday because of bad weather

We will begin our ride  at Winchelsea Station at 10 am and cycle into Rye via the Nature Reserve. Coffee stop in Rye. A lovely flat route with great scenery with a traffic free section of NCN 2 and a bit of practice on the road too. Some experienced members of the club in be on hand and  will be happy to answer questions you may have about riding technique, road positioning and cycling in a group.

Please check your bike is in good working order if it has been hibernating over the winter.

Back to Winchelsea Station 1pm approximately. 14 miles in total

(see below for our “ride grading”, which in this case is “Level 1” and “Short distance”)

AGM ride from Bexhill

Short ride along mainly quiet country lanes to Battle

We will be using this route, which is approximately 11 miles

AGM ride from Battle

A short ride starting at finishing in Battle, back in time for the AGM and coffee at 11.00am

Our route will be Battle, Marley Lane, Sedlescombe, Goatham Green, Cripps Corner, Sedlescombe, Battle.

Approximately 13 miles


We hope to be putting other rides on the calendar soon

AGM ride from Battle

A short ride of about 7 miles before the AGM

We will go at a nice gentle pace towards Netherfield, then turn off Netherfield HIll and take the bridleway which finishes on the Heathfield road. In the Battle area, it is virtually impossible to find true level-1 rides so this is the next best thing!  Yes, there are some unfriendly hills but it is absolutely OK to walk when the going gets tough. We will regroup frequently and nobody will get left behind. All we need to do is get to the Bull Inn by 10:45 for the club’s AGM.

Coffee and cake will be your reward.

Friday short ride

We will start at Hastings Direct offices, Conquest House, 32-34 Collington Avenue, Bexhill-On-Sea TN39 3LW and will ride along the seafront to Hastings, coming back the same way. Overall distance is 14 miles.

We will start at 11.00am aiming to reach Hastings Old Town at 12.30 where will have a coffee and cake stop at a convenient café – likely to be busy though!

This route is largely traffic free and should be fine for those wanting to get back into biking for the summer. Any type of bike will be fine.

We will be back at Hastings Direct by 3.00pm after an ice-cream on the promenade.
If you are riding with us for the first time, please read this important information.

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