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Route planning with cake. Date TBC


Moved from November due to unforeseen circumstances.  We haven’t chosen a date fo this, but will let you know when we do


For a while the club has tried to put together a technical training session for those of us with Garmin/Strava/Smartphones, but limited knowledge on using them.

Recently though, the committee changed tack slightly and agreed to expand this idea, to make it into a more general-purpose “route planning” session. This would include a much broader discussion about planning routes, and using other types of mapping such as OS printed maps, Google Maps, etc

We’re thinking of hiring a room somewhere (possibly the Almonry in Battle) for a few hours, maybe have a couple of ‘trainers’ doing different sessions, much as we did on the recent bike maintenance day.

Have a think, and put the date in your diary.  Maybe you are quite familiar with certain types of route planning and could do one of the demonstrations?  It’s sure to be an interesting day anyway

Yes there will be cake and coffee