To ALL club members- we have a challenge to get you out on your bikes!

There was a report recently in the Cycle UK magazine about a gentleman named Jonathan Plummer, who had ridden over 1,400 days consecutively, irrespective of weather conditions. It started out as a challenge to himself to ride everyday for a year, but somehow he kept on going !
So with this in mind we thought we would set the same challenge to our 1066 Cycle Club members. Don’t worry ours will only be for 30 days, but you never know you might not stop!

During the 30 days between the 1st -30st APRIL , we challenge you to get out on your bike EVERYDAY.
Yes EVERYDAY  irrespective of the weather – Now that is a challenge in itself if recent weather conditions are anything to go by! This is NOT how many miles you can do, rather WILL you actually get OUT on your bike?
Instead of that short drive to get some milk – CYCLE!
Need to post that letter? – CYCLE!
Visiting a friend? –  CYCLE!
Usually walk – CYCLE!
You never know this may change your life!

Rules are:
1) That you HAVE to venture OUTSIDE (no spin / turbo / sitting on your bike in the garage!)
2) A minimum of 1 mile must be undertaken ( just enough to warrant getting your coat on!)
3) Fill in the downloadable chart
There is also a diary for you to add any comments if you so which about your daily challenge.
Submit your results via text / email / post or give it in to Heather on a ride, when you have completed the challenge.
Closing date is 23rd May. 

We will then publish the results – and there may even be a prize ceremony on a future ride!